The Painted House of Maud Lewis
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The Painted House of Maud Lewis

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Maud Lewis painted the interior of her tiny one-room house - not just the walls, but also the interior and exterior of the doors, the window frames, the bread boxes, the little staircase leading to attic, the wood stove, everything she had on hand. Her home was a pleasure to watch. Fourteen years after her death, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia purchased Maud Lewis's well-known painted house. The stabilization and restoration of this precious artefact posed a significant challenge to the conservators. In 1998, the house was set up intact, with furniture, painting equipment and all that the artist had accumulated in the Scotiabank Maud Lewis Room.

Laurie Hamilton is a Fine Arts Conservator at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. In Maud Lewis 'Painted House, she recounts with photos how she and her colleagues restored Maud Lewis' vision of her home to the delight of everyone.

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