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The experience of home . . . a sense of place

Meadowlands - home to the family of Morris and Harriet Scovil at the beginning of the 20th century; nine hundred acres of interval and forest land at Scovil Point on the St. John River across from Gagetown, New Brunswick; a farm that produced hay and horses; a place that nurtured the life of a remarkable family.

Virginia Bliss Bjerkelund has created a family chronicle with the flair of a novel. Meadowlands captures the heart and engages the imagination. It's a strange and exhilarating experience to have no knowledge of a family and then, by reading a book, come to know its members and the trajectory of their lives in a way you will not likely forget.

Meadowlands portrays the perils of the soul and the great commonplaces of human life in a way that will endure. The textures family life, the ever present natural world, and the surrounding community will resonate with readers for generations to come.

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