Artisan Charcuterie Board
David Stepan

Artisan Charcuterie Board

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A delightful 10" x 6" Mini Charcuterie Board (cheese board) with inlaid copper keys. Thicknesses vary, typically between 5/8" to 1" (19mm-25mm). Hand made by David Stepan.

The back of the board is drilled and t-slotted so that it can be hung on the wall, as art, in either landscape or portrait format. The board is finished with multiple coats of tung oil. Regular oiling is required as maintenance, especially after use. After use we suggest cleaning (of course) with a wipe of soap and water, never submerging in water, and then oiling. Olive oil is fine, and everyone has it; simply wipe on generously, wait ten minutes and wipe off the excess. You may also use oils made specifically for boards, such as lemon oil, walnut oil, etc. Each board comes with care instructions, and the flocked vinyl clutch case.

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