Custom Original Artwork

 Jane Geurts is a retired art and design professor of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and owner of Bankside Cottage Gallery.

Jane creates custom sized paintings for corporate, public and private collections. Jane collaborates with interior designers, architects and artists and her work is featured on HGTV. Jane lectures on art, design and creativity for colleges and universities throughout North America, India, France and Italy.   



Jane specializes in custom fine art paintings designed for unique residential and commercial properties. You work directly with Jane throughout the entire process through the selection of your design, photograph or conceptual idea to the creation of your one-of-a-kind painting. Colours can be chosen based on your furniture, paint colours, fabrics and inspiration.

Pricing is approximate

Small: 8x10” $250 - $500

Medium: 24x48” $500 - $1000

Large: 36x48” $1000 - $1500


"Looking For The Calm" 24x48" acrylic on canvas by Jane Geurts $1200.00

"This Is A Perfect Spot" framed watercolour by Jane Geurts $250.00 SOLD

"Reflection On Kindness" 24x48" acrylic on canvas by Jane Geurts $1200.00

"Between You And Me" framed watercolour by Jane Geurts $1500.00

"I've Been Here Before" 36x48" acrylic on canvas by Jane Geurts $1700.00